IT Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Planning at Adams State University

Computing Services groups strategic objectives and goals along the four key components. We further identify our objectives by three buckets: Run (Keep the lights on), Grow (Operational/Performance Improvements in existing processes/services), Transform (New products and services). This delineation helps us understand the types of improvement we expect from each objective.

IT Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Tracking Progress toward the Strategic Plan- IT Project Portfolio Management

Quarterly, Computing Services will publish updated visual charts showing progress on the portfolio of projects being worked on by our staff.

2017 1st Quarter Updates

2017 2nd Quarter Updates

2017 3rd Quarter Updates

2017 4th Quarter Updates

2018 1st Quarter Updates

2018 2nd Quarter Updates

2018 3rd Quarter Updates

2018 4th Quarter Updates

2019 1st Quarter Updates

2019 2nd Quarter Updates

2019 2nd Quarter Updates