Scholar of the Week: September 13

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Between singing in the Adams State choir and performing in the color guard, sophomore Emily Clark has her plate full. Even with all her activities and involvement in school, the enthusiastic geology major manages to keep an impressive GPA of 3.5 to help her towards her goal of graduation. In the future, Clark aims to earn her masters, if not going for more than that, but she still has not fully decided her plans just yet.
“It’s so far away,” says Clark. “But at the same time, I know graduation will sneak up on me, so I’ve just got to keep on top of my game.”
Clark is continuing her work with color guard here at Adams State, a passion she discovered at her high school in Arvada. Her school’s color guard was one of the best. Clark and her team made it to state eight times, and medaled five of the eight times.
“I’m really glad I got the opportunity to be on the color guard here,” Clark said. “It’s so much fun.”
Along with color guard, Clark is also part of the Adams State choir, and loves to be able to sing along with her friends and have a great time. On top of her other activities, Clark is also a senior member of the Paranormal Discovery Club, and is always heavily involved in the investigations.
“It’s gets a little unsettling at times,” Clark admits. “But it’s so awesome. I’ve always had fun investigating.”
Along with the fun she has here at Adams, Clark also takes her schooling seriously, and strives hard to get good grades. After college, she has dreams of becoming an astrogeophysicist, which is someone who analyzes space rocks.
“I think it would be something interesting to do,” Clark explains. “I like space, and I like rocks, so you put the two together and it’s just an overall awesome job. Who wouldn’t want to do something that combines two of their favorite things?”
As for why she is a successful student, Clark chalks it up to her hard work and the simple fun she has every day to keep the balance between everything going on. She says the key is to make sure you do not get overworked, because stress can make learning and classes all the more difficult.
“It can get a little repetitive and tedious when you do the same thing every day, or when you constantly study and never make time for fun,” Clark explains. “So having fun with my friends in choir, doing color guard, and being involved with the Paranormal Discovery Club really helps me relax. I’ve met a lot of friends that really help me out with everything.”
As for those hoping to succeed in school, Clark gives some good advice.
“Do your homework,” she insists. “It’ll really come back to haunt you if you don’t.”
She also says that it is never a bad idea to ask for extra help when you need it.
“There are so many resources to help you through school, it would just seem crazy not to use them. There are always people here to help you, you’ve just got to be willing to ask for help.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet