Free Movies Taking You Back to your Childhood

Cristen Strank-Garret
The Paw Print

Ever watched the Disney Princesses or any of the Disney heroes when you were young? Bambi, Dumbo, Mary Poppins, any of those ring a bell and take you back down the memory lane of childhood?
The free movie night on Nov. 16  from 7 to 10 p.m. will send you to memory lane about your favorite princess or your favorite hero.
Snacks and games will be provided to the make the evening even more memorable by the people working at the Adams State Loft.
Disney is one of the most popular child friendly movie makers in the US.
As a kid, I watched Disney movies everyday. Some of my favorites to this day are Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, and Jungle Book but, like I said, I grew up with almost every single Disney made movie.
My all time favorite aside from the other three has got to be Beauty and the Beast which happens to be the favorite for our very friendly instructor David Wreford and Catherine Heaton and her kids.
“The lesson of not judging and loving whats on the inside is always important.” explains Heaton describing some of the lessons that can come out of the Disney movies watched by millions of adults and children.
One Walt Disney movie that is a favorite of Jared Beetons, I had to look up further to see what is was about. Cool Runnings is based on a true story about the first Jamaican bobsled team trying to make it to the winter Olympics. Its a 1993 adventure comedy so I’m presuming its plenty of fun for the family to sit down in front of the television with some popcorn and watch the humor commence.
Heaton, also enjoys watching Aladdin; a movie almost every one has watched in their life time. “My daughter (aged almost 2, but very vocal) used to walk around the house singing A Whole New World over and over,” Heaton explains.
To this day, I still watch Disney to find the things I missed as a kid like the hidden messages in the landscape.
With a 7-year-old niece running around watching Disney it makes the childhood memory lane walk all the more fun. You can never be too old for Disney.
For those who haven’t experienced the magic of Disney ever in their lives, take the time to go to the Movie Night on Nov. 16 it doesn’t cost anything and you get food and games.
Although I’m more of an Anime fan now than I was back when I was a kid, I still find the Disney movies highly entertaining.
My family, especially my autistic brother, Dale enjoys the thrill of the heroism’s of Disney movies. Even though he can’t communicate the same way as you or I he can replay the whole movie of his choosing from beginning to end with just his voice acting, which at times is very amusing to watch. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet