Student Scholar: November 15

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Sophomore Jerrica Cherry, Student Scholar of the week, is not only a dedicated student, but also an active member of the Alamosa community, working hard both in school and in helping better those around her.
Cherry is a Child Psychology major with plans to graduate and go on to achieve her master’s degree.
Here at Adams, Cherry enjoys spending her time with her friends and attending salsa classes.
Her main focus in life, however, is the time and effort she puts into volunteering with La Puente shelter.
La Puente is a non-profit organization here in the San Luis Valley that assists others in need. Cherry spends each Tuesday volunteering with them and bettering the community.
“I really love working with the La Puente shelter,” Cherry says. “I can see that what I do helps make a difference, and that really impacts me as a person.
It drives me to succeed, and seeing what I am capable of inspires me in my own life.”
Cherry’s favorite thing to put her time into, however, is the Positive Activities Lift the Spirit (PALS) program that it put on by La Puente for children in the community.
Cherry has worked with them for little over a year now, and she still loves every minute of it.
“Working with children is what I want to do, and being able to be involved with these kids just makes my day every time I see them.
It’s so much fun, and it really does impact them, as well as me. It’s something I can see myself doing for a long time.”
After she graduates, Cherry hopes to move to Woodward, Oklahoma and get a temporary job until she earns her master in Psychology.
Her dream job would be either to work as a family counselor, or to work with kids in poverty or at-risk youth.
“I’d like to start a program for kids that can help them overcome obstacles, build relationships with friends, and improve academic achievement,” Cherry says. “I want to make a difference with what I do in life, and I know this is the best way I can do that.”
Even through all that she is involved in, Cherry still makes time to be a successful student.
She says the key to being successful with school is to make sure not to become overwhelmed, and take it one step at a time. She says to remember you have abundant resources here at Adams that you should not be afraid to rely on.
“I work pretty hard, but I don’t let myself get too over-whelmed. I make sure to turn assignments in on time, and I like to ask for help. I really enjoy college, and I think it’s because I like the feeling of working towards something that’s important to me.”
Cherry also says that a key with succeeded and graduating is to make sure that, though it is okay to have fun at college, you should not let that fun interfere with your success and progress.
“Remember,” Cherry says. “College is definitely fun, but education is important. Plus you’re paying for it, so make the best of your time spent here.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet