Critical information- Banner 9 PROD Go-Live and Banner downtime schedule for this weekend

As most of you are aware, Computing Services has been engaged in a massive upgrade project over the last few years to move the campus from Banner 8 to Banner 9. The next step is for us to move Banner 9 into production this weekend. Below are the critical items campus needs to know about this change.

***Downtime for ALL Banner services begins this Friday, July 27th at 8:00 PM.***

All Banner services including school services, Banner INB, Self-Service, and Banner Printing will be unavailable starting Friday at 8:00 PM. Our rDBA team and Banner Team members will work throughout the night and weekend to perform the full list of upgrade tasks. The upgrade is anticipated to be completed late Sunday and ready for full campus usage on Monday morning, July 30th.

***Banner 9 only services after the upgrade, and Banner 8 availability***

After the upgrade, all App Xtender (BDM) services as well as any Banner processes that rely on the COF components will ONLY be available through Banner 9. All other Banner Production processes and services will be available in BOTH Banner 8 and Banner 9 until September 10th, which is the date we plan to turn off Banner 8 services.

***Desktop shortcut for Banner 9 PROD- Setting Default Browser to Chrome***

Computing Services will be pushing out a new icon and shortcut to the desktops of all PCs on campus late this week in preparation for the cutover. We have found that only the Google Chrome browser seems to consistently work with the new Banner 9 Web Application. Some of your computers may have another browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) or MS Edge or Mozilla Firefox set as the default browser, so you will need to reset your default browser to Chrome. The following link explains how to set your default browser to Chrome for Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 and below, and Mac computers.

In the near future, Computing Services will be creating a patch to push to campus computers to enable the icon to open Google Chrome directly even if it is not your default browser, but until that time, we recommend you follow these instructions to ensure Banner 9 works consistently for you.

If you are encountering issues with these instructions, please give the helpdesk a call at x7741 or create a ticketĀ

Computing Services thanks you for your patience and understanding as we perform these critical maintenance activities. As always, if you have any questions, please call the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at 7741 or contact us via email at

Have a great day,

Computing Services