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ATAC 2015-2016 Priorities

The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee has identified the following items as high priority for the FY15-16 year. The items have been submitted to the IT Governance Committee.

  • Campus Card/OneCard Replacement
  • Centralized Event Management/Classroom Management Software Solution
  • Event Marketing

The following items were identified as high campus impact and sub-committee groups have been formed to investigate and recommend possible solutions:

  • RFI for distance learning course/student management solution that integrates with Banner – DISC Group
  • Online payment system for use for items such as fines, parking, clubs, tickets, etc. – Sub-committee is currently being formed
  • Payment Plan System – Students can set their payment plan online rather than calling the OneStop

With our current campus reorganization ATAC will also be reviewing our membership to ensure all our constituents are properly represented.

Requirements for Classroom/Event Scheduling Software

Classroom/Event Scheduling Software is one of the ATAC, FTAC, and STAC high priorities for the 2014-2015 year. ATAC, FTAC, and STAC members have expressed the desire for a centralized, managed, and easy to use method of scheduling meetings, classrooms, and events on campus.

After getting feedback on the requirements from ATAC, FTAC, STAC, the events planning committee, and other campus entities ATAC would like to submit a Request for Information (RFI) through the state system to find possible vendors that could fit our campus needs.

Please review the spreadsheet of room scheduling/room reservation requirements and make comments on the Google Sheet.

Requirements for Classroom/Event Scheduling Software

If you have trouble making any comments on the Google Sheet feel free to contact christinestreeter@adams.edu directly.



ATAC 2014-2015 High Priorities

ATAC has prioritized the following technology projects as high priority for 2014-2015. The IT Governance group is working on each project to identify employee time and additional resources to move each initiative forward.


  • OneCard System improvement/replacement
  • Improved Room Scheduling Software
  • Banner workflow for various business events
  • DegreeWorks
  • Digital Signage


Items are brought to ATAC by our constituents that represent our administrative areas. The group votes on all the requests and assigns them priority levels based on their campus impact.

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