About ATAC

The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) ┬áis part of Adams State University’s shared IT Governance structure.

The IT Governance Committee of Adams State University is comprised of six entities that represent students, faculty, staff and administration including the ASU Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Director of the Academic Instructional Technology Center (AITC), the Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Budget and Technology, the Faculty Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC), the Administrative Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC), and the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC).

ATAC is comprised of representatives from each campus administrative area. These representatives bring a voice to campus IT decisions as well as bring forward requests for technology.

Current ATAC Representative List

Student Life and Recreation – Aaron Miltenberger

Human Resource – Alicia Harmon

Computing Services – Christine Streeter

Athletics – Dianne Lee

Business Office – Gary Garcia

Alumni Relations – Gaylene Horning

Academic Advising Center – Jonie Threatt

Extended Studies – Judy Phillips

Enrollment Management – Karla Hardesty

Creative Relations – Mike Henderson

Institutional Reporting – Pat Bryson

AITC – Stacy Davis

Library – Stacy Taylor

Student Union Building – Stephanie Lewis