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2014-12-18 ATAC Meeting Minutes

ATAC Action Items 

All members and constituents:

Please review the spreadsheet of room scheduling/room reservation requirements and make comments on the Google Sheet.

Requirements for Classroom/Event Scheduling Software

After getting feedback on the requirements from ATAC, FTAC, STAC, the events planning committee, and other campus entities ATAC would like to submit a Request for Information (RFI) through the state system to find possible vendors that could fit our campus needs.

Classroom/Event Scheduling Software is one of the ATAC, FTAC, and STAC high priorities for the 2014-2015 year.

——–Meeting Minutes ——–

  • ATAC membership
    • How is continued ATAC membership decided/updated? How do we make sure administration on campus is appropriately represented?
    • suggested by Aaron Miltenberger to have PASC involved in ensuring we have good campus representation, however ATAC includes both classified and professional members
    • Possibly both PASC and CCC assist with members appointments?
  • IT Governance Charter update:
    • http://blogs.adams.edu/it-governance/
  • IT Governance and ATAC blogs Update
  • Status updates of priorities (Marketplace system, room scheduling, etc.)
    • Ecommerce – what are the needs/wants of a system? How do we generate the list of needs?
    • Room Scheduling/Event Scheduling software
      • Christine – will take the action of finding out if we can get ecommerce on CHECO conference agenda
    • OneCard – reinvigorate the onecard group to identify what our wants/needs are and start looking at costs for other vendors


Christine Streeter – present

Karla Hardesty – present

Stephanie Lewis – present

Judy Phillips – not present

Aaron Miltenberger – present

Dianne Lee – not present

Mike Henderson – not present

Alicia Harmon – not present

Stacy Davis  – present

Stacy Taylor – not present

Dodie Day – not present

Gaylene Horning – not present

Jonie Threatt – present

Pat Bryson – present

Gary Garcia – present

Scott Travis – not present

ATAC 2014-2015 High Priorities

ATAC has prioritized the following technology projects as high priority for 2014-2015. The IT Governance group is working on each project to identify employee time and additional resources to move each initiative forward.


  • OneCard System improvement/replacement
  • Improved Room Scheduling Software
  • Banner workflow for various business events
  • DegreeWorks
  • Digital Signage


Items are brought to ATAC by our constituents that represent our administrative areas. The group votes on all the requests and assigns them priority levels based on their campus impact.