2014-12-18 ATAC Meeting Minutes

ATAC Action Items 

All members and constituents:

Please review the spreadsheet of room scheduling/room reservation requirements and make comments on the Google Sheet.

Requirements for Classroom/Event Scheduling Software

After getting feedback on the requirements from ATAC, FTAC, STAC, the events planning committee, and other campus entities ATAC would like to submit a Request for Information (RFI) through the state system to find possible vendors that could fit our campus needs.

Classroom/Event Scheduling Software is one of the ATAC, FTAC, and STAC high priorities for the 2014-2015 year.

——–Meeting Minutes ——–

  • ATAC membership
    • How is continued ATAC membership decided/updated? How do we make sure administration on campus is appropriately represented?
    • suggested by Aaron Miltenberger to have PASC involved in ensuring we have good campus representation, however ATAC includes both classified and professional members
    • Possibly both PASC and CCC assist with members appointments?
  • IT Governance Charter update:
    • http://blogs.adams.edu/it-governance/
  • IT Governance and ATAC blogs Update
  • Status updates of priorities (Marketplace system, room scheduling, etc.)
    • Ecommerce – what are the needs/wants of a system? How do we generate the list of needs?
    • Room Scheduling/Event Scheduling software
      • Christine – will take the action of finding out if we can get ecommerce on CHECO conference agenda
    • OneCard – reinvigorate the onecard group to identify what our wants/needs are and start looking at costs for other vendors


Christine Streeter – present

Karla Hardesty – present

Stephanie Lewis – present

Judy Phillips – not present

Aaron Miltenberger – present

Dianne Lee – not present

Mike Henderson – not present

Alicia Harmon – not present

Stacy Davis  – present

Stacy Taylor – not present

Dodie Day – not present

Gaylene Horning – not present

Jonie Threatt – present

Pat Bryson – present

Gary Garcia – present

Scott Travis – not present