Zikr Dance Ensemble Coming This Weekend

Kira Budge
The Paw Print

Coming up this Sunday, February 17, the Zikr Dance Ensemble will perform for one afternoon only, at 2pm here at Adams State University. The Zikr Dance Ensemble, directed by David Taylor, is a dance group focused on dance from around the world, and its power as a spiritual and cultural ritual. Their official release states that the company’s purpose is to “offer performance experiences for both participants and audiences alike which are both theatrically engaging and educational and which also promote multi-cultural respect, diversity and tolerance,” and that they seek to “preserve the sheer beauty of the historic dances.”

The Zikr Dance Ensemble includes some of the best of Colorado’s professional ballet dancers, and has received rave reviews throughout all of the state. The group has also performed in St. Paul, Minn. and Los Angeles. Their latest performances, in Pagosa and Crested Butte in August, both received standing ovations. Reviews from various performances and venues speak with deep awe, giving compliments such as “…[they] dance for reasons steeped in history and spiritual awareness through dance…  a place where dance becomes exceptionally powerful” and “many of the works have been presented previously but not like they were in this concert.” The group’s work as a whole is described as “deeply moving” and “exciting.”

The artistic director for the Zikr Dance Ensemble, David Taylor, is also very well-known for his work as a choreographer and director. Previously, he founded and directed the David Taylor Dance Theatre, which is well-known throughout Alamosa. While very different in nature from the Dance Theatre’s work, the Zikr Dance Ensemble is said to expand on Taylor’s natural artistic and spiritual strengths. Taylor also currently teaches dance at Colorado State University and a number of other dance companies. As a choreographer, he has been hailed as having “depth of spirit and artistic vision, coupled with a degree of creativity that continues to awe.”

The Zikr Dance Ensemble’s performance here in Alamosa will include dances based on the cultures of Tibet, Bali, the Middle East, and central Asia. Taylor’s choreography will also be shown in a number of contemporary works, including “Time’s Up,” “Anasazi Dream” and an excerpt from his nationally acclaimed production of “Rainforest.” Other dances will include “Walking Prayer” and “Ho Yah,” both by G.I. Gurdjieff.  The dances will be accompanied by well-reviewed costuming and a set of stunning slide projections, creating a multi-media experience that is “both visually and artistically stimulating as well as intellectually captivating.”

To attend this performance and see the wonders of the Zikr Dance Ensemble and director David Taylor, reserve a ticket at the Theatre Department, or by calling 719-587-8499. The one-time only performance will be at 2pm on this Sunday, February 17, on the Theatre Department’s Main Stage. Tickets are $12 for General Admission, and FREE for AS&F. Don’t miss out!

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