Without a Doubt 2013 Will be the Year for Gaming

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

The past couple of years have been an exciting time for the technology world, with smartphones and tablets dominating the market. Phones are no longer just phones; they have become portable game devices with the addition of apps.

However, since the release of Xbox 360 in 2005 and PS3 in 2006, there haven’t been any major games consoles. It’s amazing, really, considering what we have accomplished with the aforementioned technologies.

The market has been dominated by these two giants for some time now, with Sony PS3 slightly taking the lead over Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in sales. Nevertheless, console engineers have tipped 2013 to be a huge year for the gaming community, with both Microsoft and Sony said to be going head to head once again in battle to secure the market.

With the huge rise in people playing games on their smartphones, these two giants will be very keen to secure their grip on a market slipping to handheld devices.

With the gradual introduction of HD, Blu-ray and 3D in movies, the natural progression to this kind of technology is, of course, onto video games consoles.

The internet is buzzing with rumors about the specs of these new consoles, and of course the internet is rife with rumors about some consoles having the ability to support 3D.

The new console by Microsoft, Xbox 720, is said to be six times more powerful than the already quick Xbox 360, and will include a powerful ATI Radeon or Nvidia graphics processing unit, DirectX 11, a true Full HD 1080p output, the ability to run games on multiple displays and the inclusion of a Blu-ray player.

The interactive Kinect 2.0 is also said to be on the cards, bringing with it improved motion tracking. Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox 720 is rumoured to be called PS4. Sony has sent out an invite to a special 20 February event that will take place in New York, telling the press that people will see the future of the PlayStation.

In keeping up with Xbox, the PlayStation is said to have just as much processing power, and amazing graphics.

The specs of this particular console are surrounded by rumors and speculation, some saying that the PS4 will have 8GB or 10GB of RAM to ensure load times are kept low and higher resolution textures can be used, AMD HD7670 graphics, custom processer based on AMD’s A8-series APU and 256GB of storage. The new console is said to be able to achieve ultra-HD an achievement that the PS3 would fail at.

The release date of these two giant consoles isn’t set yet, but, it’s a safe bet to say that the consoles will be available by Christmas so the companies can rack in as much money as possible on their releases.

It’s unknown how powerful and innovative the consoles will be; nevertheless, it’s a guarantee that the war to see whose console is best will be massive this time around.

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