Winter Care is Essential: Here are Some Helpful Tips

Jessica Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Although it feels like spring, we’re still in the dead of winter. The weather probably took a toll on your skin, hair, face, and anything else you can think of! As spring approaches, we usually feel a breath of fresh air, a burst of energy and that feeling that we can do anything!
Spring cleaning usually comes around this time, but what about a cleanse for your body? Refreshing your skin, hair, and getting back into a nice routine that will help you feel ready for summer. I wanted to know more and here’s what I found!If you take a shower every day, and around the same time, you’re probably hurting your skin and most definitely your hair.
Our hair has natural oils that start in the scalp and need to reach the ends of our hair. It’s important to wash, don’t get me wrong, but by washing every other day our hair is able to get the natural oils it needs! Another tip, if your hair starts looking greasy, try a dry shampoo or baby powder, it will help soak up the oils so you’re ready to go!
I’ve always heard that mixing your shampoo up and using different brands and products will help your hair, well this is wrong! Experts say, stick with what works, your hair can’t tell the difference and it won’t matter what you use! If your product is working, keep at it.
Be sure to use a conditioner when you wash as well. Conditioner helps create shinier hair, cuts down friction and breakage and just keeps your hair healthy and smelling good!
Unfortunately, taking hot showers can damage your hair. Try turning the water colder when you wash through your conditioner, the colder water help seal in moisture and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy!
As far as skin goes, we all want radiant and healthy looking skin! The winter cold and dry air can destroy skin, and the spring wind that’s to follow, doesn’t help. A lot of products sold are really expensive, so I’ve found some products that are easier on the wallet but get the job done.
If you are in need of a product to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, try Klorane make-up removing wipes, they help refresh your skin, without too much drying. As far as your body goes, Dove has a lot of great products to keep your skin hydrated and fresh! Dove body wash is a cream lather that leaves your skin silky and smooth! Always follow up with lotion; Dove and Neutrogena are great choices! The lotion will help your skin soak up moisture and create a glow.
Be sure to use sunscreen, especially as we head into the summer months. Again, Neutrogena has a great sunscreen line, especially for your face! You can always look for foundation that has sunscreen in it as well.
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