Have You Met the AITC?

Stacy Davis
The Paw Print

I regularly wonder what the response would be if I was to walk up to an Adams State student on campus and ask, “Where can I find the AITC?”
My fear is the response would far too often be a blank stare followed by a reluctant, “I’m not sure.” For most students, the AITC is the random room they accidentally wander into while looking for a computer lab.
My hope is that this article will resolve that mistake so students can walk into the AITC on purpose and with a goal.While it would seem the world of Higher Education is being revolutionized by online classes and degrees, it also seems that many students are unaware of the support they have at their disposal for these online classes. I do feel that if I were to ask a student, “What is Blackboard and do you use it?”
I would get a deeper response than a blank stare. Many students are aware of what Blackboard is and the basics of how it functions, as they either use it to take a fully online course or use it to supplement one of their campus courses. It is no secret that technology is constantly changing our world, and that includes higher education. Everyday students are encouraged, as well as warned, about connecting technology to their studies, and Blackboard is one of the best ways instructors can get their students learning online.
Though many students are aware of Blackboard, what many are not aware of is that the Academic Instructional Technology Center is the wire that connects ASU to Blackboard, and when an ASU student and Blackboard are not linking correctly it is the job of AITC to fix the connection. We are highly experienced in how to trouble-shoot and solve the most basic and most difficult Blackboard issues that student’s face.
Remember, the only “stupid” questions are the ones that go unasked. That being said I would like to take a moment to more genuinely introduce the student body of ASU to the Academic Instructional Technology Center.
If you are a student that uses Blackboard in any way, shape, or form, we are here to serve you! We offer Blackboard Technical Support for the times when technology is more of a hinder than a help. When you find yourself struggling to login, timed out from a test, having difficulty viewing a document, or needing help with all-together Blackboard navigation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with AITC. We are happy to help in person, or over the phone.
The online education revolution is meant to support you, as a student, in helping with both the cost and access of higher education.
AITC is also meant to support you, as a student, when technology takes over the content focus in your online course. Let us handle Blackboard so you can handle your GPA.

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