P.O.E.T Club Set to Host First Open Mic Night

Reuben Chavira
The Paw Print

Passion. Over. Every. Thing. – The energy of this movement has the potential to inspire the student body at Adams State University. To inspire and to be inspired – These are life changing experiences that leave memorable impressions. These moments of connection are what drive the human condition. They forge friendships and establish networks of support. It is in our nature to seek social interaction. Empathy is not only an ability we possess, it’s a trait that is inherent within us. It is a desire that motivates us toward prosocial behavior.
This desire is what motivated the Adams State P.O.E.T. club to establish an open mic night on campus. Bring your poems and your songs, your freestyles and your flows. If you’re a musician, bring your instrument. If you’re a thinker, bring your thoughts. But above all else, bring an open heart and open mind. Put your finger on the pulse of Adams State, and feel how strong the beat that booms within.
Passion. Over. Every. Thing. – The energy of this movement has the potential to empower the student body at Adams State University. To empower and to be empowered – As grizzlies, this ought to be what we strive for. Passion empowers us toward personal achievement. However, the greatest achievements are those that have a group benefit. The most potent passions are those that have a positive influence on society.
‘Great stories begin here.’ On March 2nd, another great story will begin, in the form of the P.O.E.T. club’s Open Mic Night. More importantly, it is an opportunity for you, the student body, to share your story. The college experience is not meant to be lived in isolation. Some things in life are best when shared, like laughter and poetry.
Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month – make them days that you spend in the company of creative and inspiring people. This is a chapter we can write as a unified student body, creating a culture of expression and imagination. Imagine us self-organizing to create a movement of change.
Major universities have utilized the open mic as an engine for creative interactions. From the University of Wisconsin to the University of Southern California, there is a movement of thinkers and artists who have organized to promote the idea of artistic expression and social cohesiveness. Be on the lookout for inspiration while you’re out living your lives. You might find things a bit more inspirational around campus in the near future.
Feel free to add to the world we’re living in. At the P.O.E.T. club’s open mic night this Sunday will be a great place to add a poem. Or maybe you want to support by listening. To inspire and to be inspired – these are equally significant in the eyes of inspiration.
Nietzsche once mused, “And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” The P.O.E.T. club is for those who can hear the music.

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