Largest Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Arrested

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

The most wanted man in Mexico, Joaquin Guzman, has been arrested on Mexican soil after a joint operation of Mexican and US police forces. A mexican policeman had confirmed the information about the successful operation and the capture of the dangerous criminal. The capturing took place in the sea resort Mazatlan, in the northern state of Sinaloa. However, in the capital of Mexico City, the official spokesman of the Mexican government has officially announced that the police has arrested a criminal in Sinaloa, but still hasn’t specified his identity. Local televisions, showed numerous photos of the person who was captured, and he does look like the famous drug lord, Guzman.
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, the leader of the famous drug cartel called “Sinaloa,” is on the Forbes’ billionaires list. His cartel has been leading a blood war against other drug cartels for establishing main control over the drug smuggling channels from Mexico to the USA. Washington has announced a $5 million prize for the capturing of “El Chapo.” During the last year, the local authorities in Chicago had announced him as a public enemy #1. This was the 1st time giving that “title” to someone after the famous gangster from Chicago, Al Capone. The Mexican has hundreds of accusations against him on US territory for the smuggling of cocaine, heroine, marijuana, and methamphetamine.
The story of Joaquin Guzman’s life has multiple ups and downs after he became one of the most influential and respected (feared) people in Mexico. In 2001 “El Chapo” managed to escape from a Mexican prison, hidden in a laundry basket. This same person had been able to escape the Mexican and US police and intelligence agencies for over 10 years and established the most feared drug cartel in Mexico. He is believed to be in charge of multiple groups of assassins in Latin America. We will be waiting for official confirmation by the Mexican government about his capture, within the next couple of days. The importance, the “size,” and the political and social influence that this arrest can have are incredible, and this is why the slower announcement process by the Mexican authorities is understandable. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet