Week of Snowfall for More than 18 States Across the US

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Snow is on the front of the nation’s mind this week as even more winter storms blow through the United States. On Wednesday, more than 18 states were on a winter storm watch, with Kansas even rumored to accumulate upwards of a foot and a half of snow. Tucson, Ariz. received an inch of snow. Considering Tucson usually only gets a light dusting once a year, it is no wonder residents of Arizona, as well as the rest of the US, are wondering how much more extreme weather can be handled this winter.
Whiteouts are a big concern for the next three days. Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri should receive the most of the damaging winter storm this time, with Kansas already beginning to receive part of its eighteen inches of accumulation. Residents are preparing for the worst, knowing that winter storms at this time of year are no joke.
“We’re stocked up, and all of us are prepared not to leave the house for a few days at least,” says Robin Montgomery, Kansas resident and mother of three. “If it gets too bad, I’ll keep [the kids] home and we’ll make due. We won’t be risking anything this storm.”
On top of snow conditions, it is reported that in places like Arkansas and Missouri there will be severely slick conditions. Sleet is expected, and heavy winds will make roads icy and give residents dangerous temperatures to deal with.
“It’s best to stay inside when that happens,” says Jeff Brigham, Missouri native who has dealt with several storms such as this one. “I only go out if it’s essential, and even then I think twice. I was in a bad wreck a couple years back from the ice, and I won’t be making any bad decisions like that anymore.”
Meteorologists are advising that people act with caution and think twice about travel plans and outdoor activities. Many people plan to hit the large hills in their neighborhoods for sledding, or head over to a friend’s house to wait out the cold, but experts advise it’s best to play it safe.
“With these conditions,” says meteorologist Branden Borremans, “I wouldn’t be planning to leave until the weather gets a little more friendly.”
Alamosa made national news this winter after being named the coldest place in the continental US multiple times. Reaching temperatures of thirty below, even colder at times, the residents of Alamosa understand just how harsh winter can be.
“I think it’s really funny,” says Kaitlynn Blanc, a former resident of Alamosa. “I live in Denver, and when it hits ten degrees here people are going crazy. Ten degrees is a heat wave in the valley during winter, and most people take for granted how nice it is to be steadily in the positives for more than an hour.”
Though it has been warming up lately here in Alamosa, it is still advised to take precautions on chilly days and during the evenings and early mornings. Hypothermia only takes ten minutes in these conditions with exposed skin, and at night especially the temperatures drop fast. It is advised to stay indoors during storms, and give extra time to commuting when possible.

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