The Paranormal Discovery Club on Richardson Hall

The Paranormal Discovery Club
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Members (left to right) Matt Cloe, Brittany Moore, Becca Paez, Rachel Decker, Emily Clark

For years, there have been reports that Richardson Hall Auditorium is haunted. Things move on their own, voices are heard in empty rooms, and every now and then, there are six shadows for five people. So, what is the best way to get to the bottom of the rumors? Investigate them, of course.

That’s exactly what the Paranormal Discovery Club does. Founded in 2011 by two freshman students, one of Adams State’s newest clubs has been investigating the rumors of Richardson Auditorium for nearly two years.

Club founder and President Rachel Decker is a sophomore now, and with the help of her co-founder and Vice President Becca Paez, the Paranormal Discovery Club has gone farther than either of them could have imagined. The club has gone from two members to eight members in little over six months, and they have made quite an impact on campus.

“When Becca and I started this club, we had a lot of problems getting off the ground,” Decker admits. “Paranormal investigation is often looked at as ridiculous or a waste of time by some people, so we had some speed bumps in the beginning. But, luckily, there are several generous people on campus that have stayed behind us and helped us along.”

“We’re all like a family,” Paez explains. “We rely on one another. When you’re in a pitch-black room with nothing but a dim flashlight, it can get intense. We hold to a buddy system, and we need to be able to count on one another.”

The Paranormal Discovery Club spends much of its time holding paranormal investigations in Richardson Auditorium, the oldest building on campus. It is the most notorious building for ghost stories and paranormal activity, and so far, it has turned up the most results.

Richardson Hall

Richardson Hall

“It’s weird, thinking about how the club was founded with the sole purpose of disproving the ghost stories,” Decker says. “Pretty much though, since day one, we’ve gathered enough evidence to not only convince myself and Becca, but countless other people who witness what we’ve discovered.”

To gather evidence, the Club relies on scientific evidence to prove or disprove stories. They use equipment such as video cameras, voice recording equipment, and Electromagnetic Field Detectors to gather their evidence

“Usually investigations consist of taking EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) and doing controlled experiments to see if anything takes place,” Paez explains. “One of our oldest and constant experiments is the ‘chair experiment’. We put up all the seats in the auditorium, and throughout the course of a meeting several will randomly be put down. It’s a fun experiment that gives us pretty reliable results.”

The Paranormal Discovery Club is involved with many things on campus, most notably for the Haunted Tours they host during Halloween. Last October was their second year guiding tours of students and community members on ghost tours of Richardson Auditorium.

“It’s honestly one of my favorite things the Club gets to do,” Decker says. “I love having the opportunity to show off my favorite building and tell people all the stories…behind its history.”

As of now, the club consists of eight dedicated members: Rachel Decker, Becca Paez, Emily Clark, Matt Cloe, Jenn George, Chris Jiron, Eric Wagner, and Brittany Moore. The Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5pm in Richardson Auditorium, where they hold investigations and learn how to properly investigate paranormal phenomena.

“Every meeting brings forth its own adventures,” the club unanimously agrees. From things such as unidentified voices saying “you came back”, to doors opening and shutting on their own, it is never certain what will happen during an investigation.

“’This is how we die’ is our unofficial club motto,” senior member Emily Clark jokes. “Really, though, this club will definitely open your eyes to things that you think are impossible.”

This Friday, the Club will be doing a night investigation lock-in in Nielson Library, hoping to settle–or possibly prove–the rumors of hauntings on the second and third floor.

“The club is an experience like no other,” says Jiron, a member since last fall. Wagner, also a member from last fall, agrees.

“It’s absolutely crazy,” he adds.

The Paranormal Discovery Club is open to anyone at Adams State interested in learning more about paranormal investigating, or for those who want to experience the hauntings of Adams State for themselves.

“Even if you just go once it is a memorable experience,” says Moore, a member who has been with the club for nearly a year now. “There’s just something about the club that makes you want to return again and again.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet