The Christian Challenge Community at ASU

Helen Smith
The Paw Print
“To help Christians live out their faith.” This is the official purpose of the Christian Challenge meetings, held every Thursday night in Coronado Hall at 7pm. Cody Biby, a leader for the campus ministry, shares a history of the Christian Challenge at ASU, as well as some information about himself.
Biby begins by saying that Christian Challenge’s mission is to encourage those who are Christians to live out their faith and put it in to practice. Christian Challenge also encourages students to choose a major and a career path that honors God and allows Christians to let Jesus Christ be their Lord. Biby states that, “We’ve got to get over kindergarten faith.” Biby wants Christian Challenge to be a place where encouragement and transparency can both be found. It is meant to be a place where students can hear “preaching outside the box.”
The meetings consist of a meal, worship time, and then Bible study. Currently the focus of the semester’s studies is on the “fruits of the Spirit” found in the book of Galatians. In addition, Biby hosts “fun nights” at his home in Monte Vista for those attending the studies. These “fun nights” are designed to help bring an element of adventure, and to help students get to know each other better.
Biby also describes the background of Christian Challenge. Christian Challenge is a Campus ministry established at colleges and universities across Colorado. The ministry at ASU began in the spring of 2009 and has continued to grow ever since.
When asked about his personal background, Biby is quick to mention his wife and three children, Baily, Malachi, and Riley, ages twelve, eight and seven respectively.
Biby attended seminary and currently leads a small congregation in Monte Vista. Biby has spent time in both Oklahoma and Texas, but says he and his family love Colorado and the San Luis Valley.
Biby was raised in a Christian home with parents very involved in the church, and went on a mission trip to Padre Island while in college. At that point, God convinced him that he was not truly living for Him.
While Biby had thought he was going on the trip for the ministry, God made him realize that it was really only for social reasons. Biby expresses that this was a turning point in his life, and that finally submitted to the Lord’s will.  Biby felt that he was supposed to be involved in campus ministry, which is the route he chose to take. Biby is also an author.
Christian Challenge has a strong presence for the ASU campus. For more information, just look for the announcements on the ASU website under EVENTS. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet