Student Scholar: September 27

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Student scholar of the week Matt Wesley is one of the more notable faces around campus. Not only is he a top student working hard towards graduation, he is also a prominent actor on campus.
Wesley, a junior here at Adams State, is a theatre major with a passion for acting and directing.
Most of the campus activities he is involved in revolve around theatre in some way, whether it be the technical side or the artistic side.
Theatre is something he is very passionate about, and he displays his wholehearted talent in every play and show he is involved with.
“It’s incredibly fun,” Wesley says. “It’s my own way to escape the pressures and problems in the world. I get to be somebody else. I can live in a new time period, I can be someone I never thought I would be. And really, it’s great to get away, because there are times when it’s better to be someone else other than yourself. We’ve all been there, and being an actor is how I get past my hard times.”
Wesley is heavily involved in the ASU improv troupe, Lost and Found. He describes improv as, “the creative writing of the theatre world”.
Improv combines acting with the free will of imagination, and Wesley says it is one of his favorite things about being an actor.
On top of being in the shows, he also puts in time back stage. Wesley works in the scene shop, helping put sets together.
Mostly he focuses on woodwork and carpentry, but he assists others with painting and setup.
Wesley is well known for his many roles in the various ASU plays that have happened on campus, such as A Christmas Carol and Flea in her Ear.
“Wesley has a real passion for what he does,” says one ASU professor who spends a lot of time with the actor. “He puts his effort into everything. He can take on any role given to him, and he goes the extra mile. He’s one of the best actors, hands down. Adams State is lucky to have him. Really lucky.”
Now, as a junior, Wesley is able to direct his own play, The Margins by David Skeele, which will be opening on Oct. 23.
Wesley is very proud and excited for his chance to direct a play of his own.
“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I never thought I’d get the opportunity.
I’ve known since I was little, seeing my first play as a high school freshman, that directing was my passion, and now I’ve gotten that opportunity.”
It is one of the first serious horror shows being put on here at Adams, and Wesley is excited to see how it goes over.
“It’s actually pretty scary,” Wesley says. “So be warned.”
Wesley also manages to balance schoolwork on top of all his other commitments, and he is a very successful student.
Wesley said that college has been a learning experience, and that he has learned much more than just basic knowledge.
“College isn’t easy,” he says. “I won’t pretend that it is. I struggled a bit at the beginning of my college career, and I’ve learned from my mistakes. Procrastinating is what’ll kill you.”
Wesley advises to balance fun with productivity. Too much work is stressful, but too much fun can hold you back.
He says to keep personal goals in mind, and when school seems hard, it helps to remember the overall goal of graduation.
“We’re all here for one reason,” Wesley says. “We want to graduate and make something of ourselves.
The things we encounter along the way can be fun, but they shouldn’t hold you back from achieving what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet