Student Scholar: November 8

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Deacon Aspinwall, a 23-year-old sophomore at Adams State works hard to achieve his goals and knows how valuable a good education can be.
After putting off college for three years to save up money and figure out what he wanted to study, he finally joined the ASU family and is now a double major with ambitious plans to lead a full life.
Currently, Aspinwall is double majoring in Physical Geography and Geology, while simultaneously double minoring in Chemistry and Environmental Science.
With a 3.37 GPA, Aspinwall puts a lot of time and effort into succeeding in classes, knowing that it is never good to give up or take education for granted.
“I have high regard for the value of an education because it’s what I chose to do, and I continually seek it out fiercely,” Aspinwall says passionately.
“Seriously, working customer service jobs is no way to live. If you have this chance at a better life, don’t let it slip away.”
Aspinwall is very passionate about life. He has many hobbies that he bases his life around, like fly fishing, hiking, cooking, and traveling. Music is also important to him. He has nearly one terabyte of music, and is always gathering more.
Aspinwall is heavily involved with campus life as well. He is a student ambassador, he sings in the chamber choir, and he is an officer in GeoClub. At the moment he is involved in helping the club take a trip to Los Angles for an academic conference.
On top of it all, he submits poetry to the Sandhill Review and he participates in service projects.
Aspinwall also thoroughly enjoys attending sporting events, concerts, and other events that the school puts on.
After he graduates, Aspinwall has big plans to hike the Colorado Trail.
The Trail is a 500-mile hike that goes from Durango to Denver. It is a three month trip, and Aspinwall plans to complete most of it by himself.
“It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and I can’t wait until I can finally do this,” he says.
Once he finishes hiking the Colorado Trail, Aspinwall plans on working for a few years to put himself through graduate school.
Even now, he is the one financially supporting his education, and it is one of the driving factors that motivate him to be successful.
“The thought of wasting the money I’ve worked so hard to save up isn’t a good thought, so I don’t disappoint myself. I always make sure I do what I can to get the most out of my education.”
Aspinwall’s dream job would be to work in New Zealand to help expand and develop geothermal energy there, or to find a job as a traveling geologist.
He also loves geo-archeology, and hopes to incorporate that into his life as well.
“To be able to lay hands on a man-made artifact that is 10,000 years old and know you are the first human to touch it since its producer is quite powerful,” he explains.
Aspinwall attributes his success and motivation for school to his efforts to earn his education.
Paying for his own schooling gives him a different perspective, and he realizes now that this opportunity is something that shouldn’t go to waste.
He says that his education is the best thing he has ever worked towards, and it is not something to be taken lightly.
“Seek out all of the many available opportunities college, and life in general, has to offer. Own your education and learning, and pursue it as if it were air. Get away from Facebook and TV and read.
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