Student Scholar: November 29

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Avid writer Richard Flamm, this week’s Student Scholar, is on his way towards achieving his goals and earning his doctorate, while continuing to make the most of his life. Twenty five-year-old Flamm is an English major with an emphasis in creative writing.

He is a 4.0 GPA student that is not only working towards graduation, but also being able to teach and getting his works published.

Flamm looks at life with an open mind, ready for any obstacle that comes his way. When asked what his greatest accomplishment is, Flamm responded,

“I am convinced that my greatest accomplishments have yet to be seen.”

On a less serious note, Flamm admits that some of his highlights in life have been eating fried scorpions in China, beating his cousin in Street Fighter with a broken controller, and having a best friend that is legally named Jason Bourne.

“Richard always adds humor to situations,” says one close friend of Flamm. “Leave it to him to put a smile on your face when you’re having a bad day. It’s something I really admire in him.”

Here at Adams, Flamm works hard at staying involved and keeping himself busy. He is a member of ASAP, and he got the chance to climb Mount Blanca. He is a member of the choir, and is picking up racquetball in the Rec Center.

“I also try to talk the deer into letting me pet them,” Flamm admits.

After graduating from Adams State, Flamm hopes to go on to graduate school, as well as getting his book published.

Flamm spends a lot of time furthering his writing, and being a published author is high on his list of goals he hopes to achieve. Flamm hopes to get a job that involves writing, understanding that working will be much more enjoyable if he is doing something he loves.

“My childhood dream job still stands, though,” Flamm says with a smile. “I want to become a Green Lantern.”

When asked why he believes he is a successful student, Flamm answered honestly.

“I think I’m a successful student because my heart is on fire,” he says.

“Also, my parents pushed me very hard, and instilled a painful need for excellence. My Dad would run multiplication tables with me on car rides and buy me boxes of books for Christmas. I read literature by the pound, and it really got my mind going.

I don’t know where I would be without the dedication I found and the support from my family, but I’m glad I kept with it because the rewards have been so great.”

Flamm knows that the key to success is through applying yourself.

He advises that students hoping to be successful in their educational endeavors remember what they are striving for with their time at college.

“Establish a handful of lasting friendships, pray, and find out who you are. If you want to make omelets for a living, delve deep into that desire and become the best expression of yourself in that. Be the freaking James Bond of eggs.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet