Student Scholar: January 24

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Tucker Jones, a 23-year-old Psychology major, is well on his way to earning his doctorate and achieving his educational goals. Jones, who is minoring in sociology, is a well-known senior with a passion for what he does. With an impressive 3.6 GPA and a great attitude, there is not much that can stop this devoted student.

With his graduation fast approaching, Jones already has plans to further his education. Last November, he applied to graduate school, and is awaiting their decision.

With his doctorate, Jones plans to become a professor of Psychology. Before Jones can go teach classes, though, he still has to finish up his own studies.

Jones is a very devoted student, and has spent a lot of his time doing research for his projects, as well as working on his senior thesis. Here at Adams State, Jones is a member of the Psychology Club, as well as the Vice President of the local Psi-Chi, a psychology honors society. Jones has also been a Supplemental Instructor and tutor for Statistics the past four semesters, and currently he is Dr. Jeff Elison’s teaching assistant in Introduction to Statistics.

“My greatest accomplishment so far,” Jones says, “has been presenting research I have conducted at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Associating in Reno, Nevada last April, as well as traveling to Turkey and Greece last summer with friends as well as my now fiancé Carolyn.”

After graduating, Jones plans to move to a new area and hopefully start grad school next August.

Hard work does not come easy, but Jones has never given up on what he wants. He knows that to be successful, it is essential to balance school work with relaxation.

“I always make time for my friends. Being with everyone and having a good time keeps me from getting burned out from all the work,” Jones reveals. “Sometimes, going to the brew pub is just as important as going to class.”

As for other students hoping to be as successful as Jones, here is his advice.

“Go to class, pay attention, never throw away your syllabus, and remember that your professors are people too,” Jones advises. “They were once undergrads and may be able to give you advice on the newest Batman video game as well as a major term paper.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet