Scholar of the Week: March 8


Chris Swain

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print


Christopher Swain is nearly done with his college career at Adams State College, and during his time of attendance, Chris has impacted not only himself, but also his fellow students and faculty here at ASC.
Chris is currently in his final semester, and he is not about to start slacking now. Chris is majoring in Creative Writing, which is something he feels very passionate about. He has worked hard to be able to walk across this stage this coming May, and he has many things to be proud about. Jokingly, Chris said his greatest accomplishment thus far has been “passing my science general education courses after not having done advanced mathematics for over a decade”. On a more serious note, however, Chris added, “I count each paper, each poem, each homework assignment as my greatest accomplishment, because they all bring me one step closer to accomplishing my goal of graduation”.
The road to his success has not been an easy one. Being a non-traditional student in college has more obstacles than one would expect, but Chris has conquered them all. Chris says his academic success can be attributed to three things: his fiancé, his professors, and himself. Chris’s fiancé Claire has been behind him all the way. “She has pushed me towards completion for the last year and a half and inspired with me the will to simply become better than myself”. His professors also helped him by giving feedback on his writings, as well as giving him mental and emotional support. “And some ego fluffing,” Chris added. Chris’s own motivation to better himself and his family also helped him achieve his goals. “I want the world to one day open up for my children as it has for me here at Adams State College. Everything from here on is up to me… mostly”.
Chris also has some words of advice for students hoping to graduate as well. He says that staying on top of your work as possible helps you keep up with classes, and it makes the homework and assignments that much easier.
“Don’t be a slacker!” Chris insists. “The monotone drawl of laziness becomes the norm for far too many, but then it progresses into chaos because of last minute decisions, stress, and illness.” When asked for any more advice, Chris added,
“Oh, and don’t do drugs. They don’t help at all”.
After graduation, Chris has many desires for his life. He has thought about moving on to teaching, or possibly pursuing his education in computer programming, but he says that, “any way it goes, I will of course be furthering my education every day that I live, for life is but a series of learning experiences.”
Overall, Chris just wants to take a break from the hectic college life and live a little.
“Live. Breath. Make good choices and bad. Fall in love. Fall further in love. Eat a VooDoo Doughnut. Perhaps even sell myself and my writings to a publication company that might take advantage of some new blood in the stream. Above all else, I will be staying well away from politics and the dissent of our unruly populous regarding such.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet