ASC’s Dirty Little Column with the Delicious Doctor Love

Dr. Chocolate Thunder is not real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.**

Dear DLC, My best friend who’s a guy recently kissed me while we were out at a party this weekend. I liked it and although I was caught off guard I kissed back. When I asked about it later that night I was hoping to further our friendship into a relationship, he said it was just a friendly gesture. So what now?

CT: He’s not telling the truth. The truth is that he is trying to blow it off or pretend it didn’t happen so he can avoid the situation entirely. Therefore you won’t have to have the awkward conversation about emotions and how both of you feel. He may have kissed you because in his drunken state he confused his feelings of friendship with romantic feelings. It is also possible he is into you. You must decide how you feel. If you don’t want to ruin the friendship ignore it and move on. If you’re into him, call him out on it saying how you enjoyed your lip lock and you’re sure he doesn’t practice those friendly gestures with his bros, so what’s the deal? No matter the outcome its best to let your feelings out.

Dear DLC, My girlfriend asked me to spank her during sex, does that make her freaky? You see she seems really innocent and I’m super into her she said she doesn’t have much experience so I was taken back when she asked me this and said no. We continued but I felt she was less open and offended that I denied her request.

CT: This does not been she is a freak or weird. But in all fairness saying she wants a spank is much more intense than a shoulder bite. The request probably caught you off guard especially if said in mid action. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to open up with you sexually, it does not mean she was lying about her experience, it just means she trusts you enough to share her fantasies which is a very good thing. I mean a spank this week, a threesome next week, it’s a win-win for you big guy. What you need to ask yourself is why you said no. Was it because your brain was fogged with the pleasure of the moment that you didn’t register what she was asking or were you just against the idea of it? Just explain to her to why you didn’t want to spank her, I’m sure she will understand.

Dear DLC, My boyfriend always says he wants us to make more noise during sex. This is something I’m not comfortable with; I mean seriously the dorm walls are paper thin! I always assure him that he is amazing in the sack so why is loud noises his concern?

CT: Alright my boys are going to exile me for revealing this, but secretly deep down every man is insecure about his sexual expertise. Sometimes some reassurance is needed; some sign of positive feedback, just some hint that you’re enjoying it. I’m not saying you need to fake it, (never do that) just let out some moans and groans every once in a while.

I don’t mean some porn star “Oh my God! Yes! Harder!” screams, just some way to let him know something feels good. Simple lines like “Mmm, right there” are effective. A little communication goes along way especially in the sack! Don’t worry about making too much noise in your dorm, give those neighbors something to talk about!


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