Jones Fills Lecture Hall for Final Lunchtime Talk

Photo by Kellicia Morse: Dr. Marty Jones delivers his final Lunchtime Talk

Armando Montano
The Paw Print
Last Wednesday many people turned out to see Dr. Marty Jones of chemistry give his lunchtime talk on “Molecules that Changed History”, a look at the structures of major chemicals that have had a significant impact on human history.
The entire crowd composed of a wide variety of attendants, chemistry student and professors alike enjoyed the subtle jokes and extended knowledge Jones offered on the structure while history backgrounds were able to see the overall historical impact that such a small item had in the development in world events.
Jones covered various topics from sugar, spices and naturally occurring molecules that many generations craved and sought out for wealth and power. He worked his way through man-made chemical reproductions of wondrous molecules that caused significant changes to the world of human reproduction and human performance. The presentation was well written and very informative, giving those who had no background in history or chemistry a working understanding of the history behind the molecule, the further impacts that the molecule had on the world and times from that point forward and ultimately the molecules themselves.
While the audience was willing and eager to see the lecture to completion, time was not; unfortunately for all at the lecture and to professor Jones, this lunchtime lecture had such a wealth of knowledge that the usual hour was simply not enough to fit it all in. Disheartened but satisfied with the presentation already, the viewers were only able to leave with more understanding on concepts than they came with and future hopes of another lecture entitled “Molecules that Changed History part 2.”
Jones’ most recent lecture on this topic was a part of the Lunchtime Talks in Science and Mathematics, a series of talks that enlighten the local community on mathematics and scientific perspectives and topics that have applications in the real world. The popularity of the talks is growing and growing strong many are all willing to see more about a subject they know little or nothing about but are met with the same eagerness as those who have a deep-seated interest or background into the subject matter.
The topic matter in this particular lecture was of great interest among students and community members alike, whose expectation of the event were surely surpassed by the presentation by Jones in personality and information. It is the quality of the lecture such as these that are clearly the force behind the lunchtime talks’ growing success.
ASC and the lunchtime lecture series are sad that this as Professor Jones’ last lunchtime talk, as he is retiring this year; we hope all the best to the professor in his own pursuits.  However the series will continue this semester with the following lecture being “Porter scholars: focused academic programs 2011-12” at noon on March 21 in Porter Hall 130. For more information please contact Dr. Nerhing at 587-7504 or

Photo by Kellicia Morse: Many of Jones' self proclaimed 'fan club' attended the talk to support the retiring professor. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet