College Checkered: Lessons From Past Dating Experiences

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print


I used to date a guy who would ask me at the end of every day, “are you happy?” He felt that if he were really doing his part in the relationship then the yes’s would outweigh the no’s. If there ever were no’s when he asked, he’d do last ditch attempts to make a wrong into a right. Sometimes they were just tiny stupid kinks between us. Things, which were manageable and easily dealt with, but sometimes, they were things that just kept chipping away at what we built.
We had an indicator though, like clockwork he would ask me, “are you happy?” I’d thumb around my lens cap, pretend I didn’t hear him, and sigh to myself when I realized we came to that moment where the no’s now outweigh the yes’. No matter how you looked around the relationship, I wasn’t happy and there was nothing tiny for us to fix anymore. The chipping away became a sledgehammer to a wall. We no longer had a relationship; we were just two people who didn’t make each other happy anymore.
I learned a lot from dating him. He taught me that I deserved to be happy in a relationship with someone at the end of every single day. Not just the weekends,not just on my birthday, not just on our anniversary, and not when it was convenient.
Every single day, I deserved to be happy. We deserved to be happy. And if you find yourself saying “no” more than “yes,” you might have to learn to be happy…without them. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet