Pandemonium Spreads from Continent to Continent

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

While the national debt crisis of the United States grows at a rate of $3.82 million per day, the European Union is said to be heading into a triple dip recession according to the Central European Bank. Even Europe’s most productive country, Germany, is under great threat of folding and heading into a recession.

Unemployment in the Euro Zone rose to its highest in November, adding more pressure to the already unstable EU economy.

Portugal’s unemployment rate was 16.3%, Greece’s was 26%, and Spain’s was 26.6% – all significantly higher than a year ago.

Youth unemployment is also at its highest. In Spain 56.5%, Greece 57.6% and Italy 37.1% of youth are out of work.

However bad we may think it is here in the States, it just as bad elsewhere, if not worse. Amidst all the economic struggles, at least we can feel moderately safe in our homes and neighborhoods.

The current economic situations in the States and in the EU aren’t the worst of the world’s situation; Egypt has just declared a 30-day state of emergency and a night curfew.

Violence has spilled out onto the streets in three provinces and has left more than 50 people injured.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi has televised his intent to control the outbreak and promise to take stern action, though without converting the country back into authoritarianism

The reason for the violent outbreak in Egypt was a court conviction of 21 soccer fans. These local soccer fans were involved in a mass riot which left 71 people dead.

The court sentenced the soccer fans to the death penalty. The violence then spilt out onto the streets after the sentence.

At least another 11 died on Friday 25th elsewhere in Egypt during rallies marking the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled authoritarian President Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters used the occasion to renounce Morsi and his Islamic fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which emerged as the country’s most dominant political force after Mubarak’s ouster. However we look at it, though the States and the EU economies are looking very unwilling to change any time soon, at least we do not have violence right on our doorsteps like Egypt or other states in Africa.

Africa is subjected to a number of brutal acts like female genital mutilation which is performed by elder women in their tribes, without proper medical attention and medicine.

Some of us may take for granted our safety and our democratic way of living. Be thankful for our freedom. Be thankful for what we have now, because otherwise, we won’t realize what we had until its too late.

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