North River Greenhouse Announces Expansion

Shelby Rushing 

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Attention all: North River Greenhouse is expanding and moving closer to town.  Their new location will be on State Street, right across from Amerigas, giving us something all to look forward to in the spring.  Currently, the company is in the process of constructing the new buildings for the premises that will hold plants for the nursery and have a separate building for gardening tools, decorations, pots, “fairy gardening” items, soils, fertilizers, and amendments.  Also, they will have bulk material, including decorative rock and mulch, along with pavestone.  Alongside this, they will also have the landscaping service.  They will officially be a complete garden center, which is something that will be positive and new to Alamosa.

The owners of North River greenhouse are striving to make their company a one stop shop for gardeners.  All of their plants are locally grown, right here in Alamosa.  They want to make gardening easier and fun by bringing something way different than they’ve ever seen.

This expansion will help the community in several ways.  The company will have items that are not normally easily accessed in the Valley.  They want to make it convenient for customers as much as possible-including not having to drive 2 hours out of town just for a few things.

Classes will also be conducted in order to share with everyone—not just experienced gardeners—the knowledge of gardening and what grows best in our climate zone.  Some classes will consist of hydroponic gardening and the different gardens that can be made, like raised bed, vertical tower beds, scent, xeric, hummingbird, and butterfly gardens.  Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants with mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil.  Once harvested, you will have a result of nutrient filled plants that are extremely healthy for you.  Raised bed and vertical bed gardening is perfect for those who do not have a yard, or much of one.  This is perfect for students with apartments who have limited space.  You can simply use bricks or wood to create the beds however big or small wanted. Theses beds have better drainage, easier maintenance, and an expanded growing season.  They make gardening possible in locations where gardening is not possible.  For college students and as for everybody as well, this is a cost efficient way to have vegetables instead of making trips to the grocery store—plus, it’s fresh! These are just a few details of the classes that will be held, so make sure to stop by and find out the different ways of gardening. Anybody can do it, and they’re here to help guide customers in the right direction.

Another way North River Greenhouse will help the community is to make their business a destination for not only people in our community, but out of town people as well.  This, along with other businesses, will help Alamosa grow.

This operation will be year round; unlike it has been in the past.  They will offer seasonal products and house seasonal activities, consisting of Christmas trees, possible pumpkin patches, decorations, tools for children to encourage outdoor play, and other activities.

Opening date will be the first week of April 2015.  Make sure to call at (719) 589-5660 if you have any questions.

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