Grizzlies Advice by Mr. Optimist

Dear Mr. Optimist,

I’m having a problem with one of my roommates/friends. He is a great guy and everything, but he just has some bad habits (mostly with hygiene).  He just sometimes wreaks of B.O to where I’m at the point of being nauseated and almost puking from just the smell. He doesn’t brush his teeth, he often forgets to take a shower, laundry is something he does once in a blue moon, and his room is just messy. Is there any way I can tell him about his hygiene problem without hurting his feelings?

~Gas Masked Roomie

Dear Gas Masked Roomie, 

The first thing I could say is to speak with him and be direct about it, be as polite as you can when telling him, so hopefully you don’t come across as rude. He might get defensive about this, but if you just tell him your concerns about his hygiene and how it makes you feel, he might listen and try to improve. He probably might not even realize it until you tell him, but he will now be conscious about it. You are not responsible for him though, he is a grown man, and he can take care of himself. You can though, keep him accountable for his actions and if he persists to keep these bad habits, I would suggest not rooming with him anymore.

~Mr. Optimist

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