How to Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Ali Rivera

The Paw Print

Some students come to college and live on campus in the dorms. However, the dorms can be a small and uncomfortable to live in. Some say that living in the dorms isn’t like living at home due to the limited amount of space and the lack personality and hominess it holds. On the other hand there are different ways to make your dorm look and feel like a part of your personality and feel like home.

Gather pictures/posters. One way to make your dorm feel like you or like home is to express yourself in a creative way. If you have different posters laying around put them up on the wall! This could help you feel more comfortable, and it expresses who you are. Along with covering the plain walls, if you have old photos try framing them and place them in random spots in your room, that way you can relive your memories when needed along with adding a warm touch of hominess to your room.

Bed covers! The dorms have plain mattress, which means a blank canvas for you to cover. The bed in the room makes the room, especially if you’re living in the dorms. Make sure you have bed covers that fit your personality, and make sure they are warm!

Pick a theme! When walking into the dorms it can seem scary and plain. Yet if you desire, pick a theme that best fits you. That way you decorate your room with different types of possessions and even have matching bed covers.

Lighting! In the dorms they have basic florescent lighting which can cause a head ache. However you can decorate your room with lamps and Christmas lights. This way you can create a zone of your own whether you want to relax or study effectively.

Organize! Since the dorms have limited space you should make sure your room is organized or else you can have a disaster. There are different types of ways to organize your dorm just by going to the dollar store. You can purchase baskets, buckets and more. This way you can have an organized room following an organized life.

Entertainment! The dorms do not come with television or a radio. If you can afford it, or maybe bring one from home, you should conceder having a television or a radio to fulfill your entertainment desires. Also if you do place one of the two in your dorm, it will help get rid of the noise in the hallway and make you feel more at home. Also having a television or a radio can help you get through some of the snowy days you have to spend inside.

Refrigerator! When living in the dorms and dealing with hectic schedules you don’t always have time to reach the café. Yet if you invest in a small refrigerator that you can place in your dorm, you can stock up on your favorite snacks and munch down when you have time. Having a small refrigerator will benefit you in the long run if you have a crazy schedule to follow and also it will make your dorm feel complete with all the essentials you need. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet