3 responses to “Nazir Sabir Visits ASU to Share Everest Adventures”

  1. Persons like nazir sabir are burnt very less in millions,,he is is our national hero and also the proud of pakistan,,
    Dear sir i do not want you to go Outside the country, you should train our own country people, they have great skills and spirit and only want and guide line..Thank you

  2. Not only is Nazir a national hero and wonderful and kind person, he is also the best storyteller. If you ever sit down with him get him to reminisce about his mountaineering experience and you will be hooked for hours. I cant wait for him to get back to Islamabad.

  3. Nazir Sabir is a national hero for his achievements. He is representing the frustration of our area (not only Hunza but whole Gilgit Baltistan). We all proud of him.
    younusqara baig
    Hunza Gilgit baltistan

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