Just Another Accessory to Weigh Down our Wit

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

Can smartphones solely change the way we interact? In order to keep connected to what is going on in the world, as a nation and as part of the human race; we have attached ourselves to our smartphones in a compulsive attempt to stay in tune with the social norms.
Just like social networking, smartphones are changing we way we live and interact with each other. Don’t get me wrong, smartphones can be handy and useful, but the majority of the time I found them irritating and obnoxious.
A friend of mine recently buckled under the pressure of society and purchased an IPhone. My friend had told me weeks before he purchased the smartphone that he was thinking about getting one.
We had some banter between each other about him conforming to the norms, and becoming just like all those other people that are obsessed with their smartphones, constantly playing games or surfing the web. Funnily enough, he’s just like all the others, conforming to the grip society has on us, constantly playing games or on the internet while we our watching a movie or socializing.
Even though he swore blind it wouldn’t happen. You can’t blame him really, I mean the rest of the world is doing it so why shouldn’t he? Thinking about it, the majority of my friends have IPhones or some kind of smartphone and I’m sure you are all know someone with one too.
Sure, it’s great for the growth of the technology sector, but, surely there must be some kind or impact on society. A study that was done in 2012, states that 91.4 million Americans have a smartphone and out of 5billion phones in the world 1.8billion of them are smartphones. Where ever you turn there are people with smartphones.
The survey also stated that 9 out of 10 people who had a smartphone used it regularly and 80 percent of people wouldn’t leave the house without it. The side effects of the usage of smartphones can vary but in particular and the most common is the “Checking habits”. This is when an individual constantly checks their phone for updates or notifications.
Now, I personally don’t have this problem and I find it hilarious that people have these problems. Just stop checking your phone, simple.
A staggering 80 percent of smartphone owners use their phone to visit social networking. Smartphones and social networking are plaguing the way we socialize and interact and there has to be a stop to it. We are getting consumed by technology and we don’t even realize it.
We all need to open our eyes to the social norms of our society today. Time spent on our smartphones and social networking is better spent socializing with friends and family. Brake the grip society has on us by boycotting smartphones and their partners in crime.
Try not to be that person on your phone during a movie or that person playing a game during a meal. Downloading and uploading has become a big part of our culture, hopefully it doesn’t become a big part of our future.
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