Is Anyone Ever Going to Be Safe From Criminals?

Amita Manandhar
The Paw Print

How safe are we?
We all think we are safe in our own little houses and beautiful community but, how safe are we really?
Even here in such small community like Alamosa there are events such as thefts and assaults. Just few months ago a female jogger was followed by an unidentified male on campus.
Then there are recent cases of bicycle thefts around the campus. No matter how small the community is or how safe we feel we are there is always an unknown danger that we should all be cautious of.
Just a few days ago Jessica Ridgeway, 10, went missing in Westminster, Colo.  Ridgeway was reportedly kidnapped while she was walking to Witt Elementary School on Friday, Oct. 5.
The police also questioned the father of the girl as her parents were going through custody disputes. After I read the news I prayed and wished that it was her father who took her.
However, after a week of search they finally found her body in a suburban Denver park. Now the search for missing girl has turned to search for her killer.
We all are aware of tragedies like this happening around us. One moment we think we are safe and another moment we see an innocent life being snatched away by a monster.  People are not even safe inside their own houses. Children and women are assaulted, kidnapped and murdered by sexual predators in broad daylight.
Many of these predators go unnoticed and some are never caught. Even if they are caught some of them get out on parole and are free to roam around. Some proclaim insanity and mental illness and are sent away to mental institutions for treatment.
What is it that makes these people the way they are?  It is something that no one has been able to answer until now. There is never a correct answer for this question, because every predator is different from another.
The only thing they have in common is their crime. It is almost impossible to figure out how our brains work. However, one thing we can do is to figure out how we can keep ourselves and our children safe from these unfortunate incidents.
I think the best way to protect ourselves from tragedy is to be prepared. There should be a program in every school that teaches the children on what to do when they are approached by strangers.
Children should always be accompanied by parents if possible. We all know that sometimes the people that molest children can be our relatives, friends and even teachers. So children should be taught about good touch and bad touch. Parents should always be cautious of adults who like to spend too much time with children alone.
Women and young girls should always be on vigil. They should be cautious and observant of their surroundings.
It is always better to have a buddy system when one is out and about at nights or even during days. Always avoid places that are dark or do not have traffic. If anyone approaches you asking for help, it is ok to decline and walk away.
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