College Checkered: The Power of Indirect Speech

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

Would you sugarcoat your words?
When conversing with one another we try to project truth but how often is the bitter truth disguised as what they say, “ sugar coated pills?” In a direct conversation, the energies are fully conscious, regenerative and articulate, but there is a set of laws that contributes to the structure of talks.
These set of laws are about being polite, being discreet, politically correct (in some circumstances) and being diplomatic in one’s speech. For example if I need to say something unpleasant to someone I would use “indirect speech” such as “ I think we must ‘reconsider’ our relationship, it is hurting both of us.” Rather than “I have stopped loving you, and I want you out from my life.” When I imagine myself at the receiving end of both the ways, I know which one I would prefer.
But it seems as though everyone is always indirectly speaking. Maybe that’s why people get called “cocky,” “egotistical,” or “assholes;” they’re the only ones left in society that still talks directly.
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