HA!- A Play to Make You Laugh and Think

Ryan Dufresne
The Paw Print

The Adams State Universities Theatre Program has started the spring semester off with an explosive production called “HA!”, directed by Masson Scott Miller and Jason Wells. This play’s focus on social aspects will blow your mind. Mason Scott Miller, one of the directors of this production, says, “This show is the whole shebang, with three different shows in it. Basically, this show is a satire on the creation of humanity and the heavens and the earth.” “HA!”  will make you think about what society has come to, and how we can change it for the better.

David Boncyk, one of the actors in the show, says, “This show is definitely a comedic twilight zone and its one of those comedies that actually has a message to it. It’s very seldom that you see anything like that and I personally like it. It’s going to be a great show.” This show has some parts to it that will have the adults laughing, and the kids too will enjoy it. It is definitely a family oriented show that will have you laughing to tears and falling out of your seats.

This production is the best to kick off this semester. Who doesn’t want a comedy that also has deep meaning? Mah-kena Mcvey, the stage manager for this show, says, “…this show is going to be very challenging but a very comedic show for the audience. I am incredibly excited for this show; I can’t wait to see what the actors bring to this show when it opens. But I also think that this show will make the audience open their minds to see through another window. ”

“HA!” will definitely open the mind and broaden the audience’s horizons. Matthew Trey Wesley, another actor in the show, says, “I am quite thrilled for this show. When I heard that I was cast for it, I couldn’t believe it. It made me giddy that I can be able to work with these people. I really like the ideas and the concept of the show. All in all, it’s a really interesting project and I think that audience is going to love it.”

This show will make the audience think about how to change their lives for the better, causing laughter and thought in one. Laughter is the best premise for thinking about things that some people may not think about on a daily basis. “HA!’ will be a great show that everyone will love to come and see over and over again.

Tickets are now available for this show. “HA!” will run Tuesday, February 5 to Saturday, February 9. The show starts at 7:30pm and will be in the experimental theatre. To reserve your tickets for this show, Call 587-TIXX (8499).

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