Basketball Season Starts Well

Helen Smith
The Paw Print

ASU men’s basketball currently has the best record in school history, along with the highest number of wins. Coach Louis Wilson recently shared some thoughts on the season thus far.

ASU has now achieved the number eighteenth ranking in the nation. This has happened despite challenges such as the loss of lead scorer James Lake in the game against CSU. Since then, the team has had to absorb the loss of Lake, whose effect Wilson called “profound.” Furthermore, many players have been injured and out of commission.  However, the team doesn’t want to think pessimistically.

In regards to playoff prospects and the RMAC playoff picture, Wilson said, “I’m not Nostradamus…there is a train behind us and if we don’t keep moving, there’s going to be a mess on the tracks. We are one game out of first place, we just need to keep moving and the future will take care of itself.”

On the subject of how the offense would be categorized, Wilson responded, “Not the way I want it.” He added, “I want it to be aggressive…and be able to score up and down the court in transition.” Wilson also feels that defense is the core of ASU basketball, and said that it has been key to forcing turnovers. “If you don’t defend, you turn over,” he explained.

Staying focused on team identity is what Wilson feels will help bring long-term success for ASU basketball. When a team focuses on aspects other than what the team philosophy incorporates, it becomes like KFC serving burgers. When that happens, you have an identity problem, Wilson explained.

When it comes to surprises this season, Wilson feels that the best way of coping is to “expect the unexpected.” Wilson went on to say that the team employs a “no excuses, no regrets” philosophy for the season. “If you accept no excuses, you’ll have no regrets.”

In terms of the team’s leadership base, the team is always a senior-led team due to the high level of recruitment from junior colleges. This makes the team leadership somewhat “top heavy,” and causes a high level of turning over with roles. ASU is the team with the oldest players in the RMAC.

Louis Wilson is currently in his 25th season of coaching. Wilson calls his career a “rewarding experience.” After spending four years as an assistant at East Anchorage High School in Anchorage Alaska, Wilson spent 18 years as a division I assistant coach. This is Wilson’s third season for Adams State University. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet