Facebook Messenger Has Become an Absolute Sensation

Steven Petrov

The Paw Print

The messenger app proved that Zuckerberg can create more unique products

The controversial decision of Facebook to transform Messenger into a separate mobile app is finally paying off. Researches show that during the majority of the time in the last 2 months, Facebook Messenger has been the most popular app among users. By the most recent data, the app is the most popular one among iPhone users in 8 countries and is in the Top 10 most popular apps in 126 countries around the world. The researchers show similar statistics among Android users.

The Facebook Headquarters keeps in secret the actual number of Messenger users as of right now. In its last company report from April, Facebook stated that the app has over 200 million active users monthly. It is highly likely that the current number is much larger, considering the fact that only within the USA the Messenger’s users have increased by 75% since April. The significant success and increase of the popularity of Messenger has developed despite the high number of unhappy customers and fans of Facebook, who complained after the change that it causes much inconvenience to check two separate apps on your mobile device. The latest version of Messenger has received 4,100 “*” (one-star) evaluations in Apple’s App Store, which is responsible for 85% of all reviews that the app has received.

However, Facebook messenger’s success is of significant importance for the company for 3 primary reasons. Firstly, the company showed that it is capable of creating a second unique and market leading product. Some previous tries of Facebook to deliver a new product, like trying to copy the Snapchat concept have failed, but Messenger works well and represents that product that the company has been looking for. Secondly, Messenger also proved that the instant messaging apps are not representing any threat to Facebook and its future growth. A year ago this concept was not clear and many people believed that with the development and expansion of companies like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Nimbuzz etc. Facebook will lose its power to connect people. While these rumors turned out to be false, Zuckerberg’s company acquired WhatsApp, which was the biggest deal in Facebook’s history. Also new changes were introduced and people who don’t have Facebook profile’s can now also use Messenger. The third, but not last reason for why Messenger can have a really positive impact over the company, is because it can become a source of additional revenue and profits for Facebook, which is currently relying only on adds to make money. If the app becomes the most popular one within its sector Facebook can start charging people for some specific functionalities. It was by no accident that Facebook signed the former PayPal director – David Marks who is now in charge of the company’s instant messaging business.

Facebook is slowly becoming more than just a company. After entering the lives of billions of people around the world through the social web, now Zuckerberg shows that there is much more innovation, creativity, and ideas in the company’s management.

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