Dr. Peggy Johnson Ads Experience to HHPE

Samantha Saville
South Coloradan

Dr. Peggy Johnson is a new full-time teacher in the HPPE department here at Adams State. She teaches K-6 methods, senior seminar, and supervises all practicum field experience. These classes are subject to change as she completely fills her full time position. Dr. Johnson has been teaching for Adams State College as needed since 2001. She has lived in Alamosa for 20 years, has a husband and no children.

Previously Dr. Johnson worked for Blue Peaks Development Services where she worked with intellectually disabled people. After 19 years there, Dr. Johnson decided that her passion for teaching needed to be perused beyond teaching just the intellectually disabled. She took a full time position here at Adams State.

Dr. Johnson got her undergraduate degree at South West Missouri State University and her graduate degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia. She has a very strong background in health, P.E. recreation and special needs. Dr. Johnson has also coached for Special Olympics. Dr Johnson describes herself by saying, “I don’t hesitate to speak up for myself or other people”. Helping out with the Special Olympics is one of Dr. Johnson’s hobbies along with camping, hiking, cross country skiing, gardening and downhill skiing. One of her goals for this year is to do a good job of teaching the important concepts in her classes.

Dr. Johnson likes teaching with real life experiences. If she were to share some advice with the students of Adams State it would be to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and develop social skills because they stay with you forever.

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