An Opinion on the Healthcare Debate: Obama and Healthcare Reform

Anthony Guerrero
South Coloradan

Death Panels.  Forced abortions.  Death to grandma.  Socialist Nazi America.  Scenes from a dystopian horror movie you ponder?  Nope.  They are the latest fabrications from the conservative Republican Party to block any thought or motion on proposed health care reform.  As one Republican congressman recently said, if they can “stop Obama and his administration on passing this legislation” it will “break him.”

While the Republican Party is busy trying to break the President of the United States, claiming and imagining some of the most outrageous scenarios in the history of ignorance, and blocking all attempts at a civil dialogue, there are currently 46 million American citizens with no health care coverage.

On September 12, 2009, just one day after the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America, Glenn Beck of Fox News inspired a rally with his attempt at writing a book which he titled, “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.”  During this rally there were several anti-health care reform protestors.  Some carried images of President Obama dressed up like a savage African Indian, hanging in effigy, or some individuals even seemed to be representatives of the Klu Klux Klan. There were even some signs that read “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.”  This was not even a week after the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, after losing his long battle with brain cancer.  While all these individuals are busy promoting racism, politicizing a day of tragedy, and disrespecting the deceased while implying a threat to the President of the United States, many families are caught off guard with unbearable health insurance premiums.  Health insurance premiums are currently rising four times faster than pay roll wages.

“The President is an Indonesian welfare thug.” Is this a statement made by someone with psychotic neurosis? No. It was said in a CNN interview by one of the main leaders of a conservative movement that is hosting so called “Tea Party” rallies in different areas of the country.  During the interview this conservative leader defended his position and statement, as well as many that were made during rallies where statements being made were rooted in pure bigotry.

“This is not the change we voted for,” some individuals are saying.  They must not be true Obama supporters, and probably never were.  As in insider to the Obama campaign, I expected a fight against the Health Insurance companies and an attempt at offering a public option from Barack Obama if he was given the honor and privilege of becoming the President of the United States of America.  The President made it abundantly clear during his campaign that this was one of his proposals and part of the platform which he was elected on.

While neo-conservatives are busy calling the President names and misrepresenting the overwhelming majority of Americans who supported and voted for Barack Obama, millions of families are filing bankruptcy as a result of medical issues, illness, and costs.  Sixty-two percent of all family bankruptcies are a result of illness and serious medical bills.

Meanwhile, the President has established principles he believes will help bring real health care reform to American families.  These principles include: reducing costs, guaranteed choices, including the choice of a public option, and ensuring affordable, quality care for all American citizens.  Who would you rather listen to?

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