Dr. Crowther’s Intensity Sparks Speech

Armando Montano
South Coloradan
The September 17 lunchtime talk on Darwinism was an event that continues the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species celebration here at Adams.

As part of the 6 Annual Autumn@Adams, the discussion, “Darwin and America’s Soul’, was presented by Dr. Ed Crowther in porter hall 130. The entire event touched base with the theme of “Transformations begin here” and fit uniquely into the celebration of Darwinism and the theory of evolution.

Crowther’s discussion drew a large crowd of those curious of the presentation, leaving virtually no empty seat in the room. Presented much like the PowerPoint presentations of his class, Crowther engaged the crowd and discussed the topic at hand while interjecting a few little known facts for the crowd’s benefit.

The meeting was concluded in less than a full hour. During the last few moments of the discussion Crowther asked for questions or comments from the audience. An opinion was voiced from the back of the room on behalf of the intelligent design concept, ringing in opposition to the finishing presentation. This was immediately met with intelligent dialect between the gentleman in the back row and Dr. Crowther. While the interest of the event lied within the presentation itself, this last mini-debate really brought the interests of the entire room to conversation.

In the end, the discussion by Dr. Crowther inspired more of the informed to challenge their understanding of established works while enticing those who knew little about the debate to research the topic more thoroughly later. As students have access to well informed professors, ASC can only hope to have the opportunity to see another interesting discussion of such intensity in the future.

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