Cash Prize for Newspaper Rename

As most readers have noticed, the Adams State College newspaper has been nameless.  After deciding South Coloradan is not representative of the ASC community, the newspaper staff and ASC Communications Board has decided to hold a semester long competition for the renaming of the ASC newspaper.

In order to enter the competition, submitters need to leave their name and contact information along with their suggested name.  Submissions can be e-mailed to

We are looking for the most original and representative name; in other words, be creative!  We did not like the name South Coloradan because we felt it lacked a sense of community central to ASC.  By that, be mindful in your submissions of the college atmosphere, college students, college life, and the diversity of students present on campus.

If all else fails, be creative.  Originality can never be overlooked.

Oh, by the way the winning name, or person, will receive 200 dollars for giving the newspaper its new name. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet