Students Explore Change to Adams State University

By Jesse Medina
South Coloradan

Adams State has had some name changes in the past; from Adams State Normal College, to Adams State Teacher College, but it has always retained Adams State.  Now it looks like Adams State could be in for a name change again.

The name change will not be drastic, however, but simply the replacement of college with university. The reason for the change is to reflect the growing school and the increased opportunities available to current and future students.  The hope is that the name change will reflect on the school positively, making the school feel more like a large university.

Adams State College has been growing for some time.  Enrollment is up and many feel that the name Adams State University will appeal to students looking for a school that will provide the education that they are seeking from a larger university. The school wants to appeal to out of state students as well as distance education students who would attend through online courses.  It would also positively affect graduate students, and any students gaining a degree from Adams, by reflecting the growing size and quality of education received here.

Some students may have reservations about the name change and growth of Adams State.  Fear of higher tuition and overly large classes might cause students to oppose the name change. Tuition and class sizes will remain unchanged.  The change will only be in name and will not affect the school scholastically or financially.  Student focus groups are being held to gain the student body’s input for the name change. Students are also able to blog about possible name change.  The purpose of the focus groups and blogs are to determine the effect that the possible name change would have on students. The groups will be no larger than 15 students.  Students are not the only ones being surveyed.  The faculty, the school board, stakeholders, and foundations tied in with Adams are also being asked about the name change.

The name change, if it occurs, will not be for a while. The information from the focus groups, faculty, and others will have to be presented along with a representative to the President of the college.  It would also have to be approved by the trustees. From there it would then move on to legislative committee and from there to the general assembly. Finally, it will arrive at the Governor in the form of a bill for him to sign.  This all could occur by next summer or at least by the end of next year.

Student focus groups are being held at the Student Union Building in room 309 on Wednesday, September 16 at 2 p.m. and Thursday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m.  Students are encouraged to participate in the blogs and let their opinions be heard.  Enjoy Adams State College now because we might all be attending a university next year. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet