College Checkered: Let’s Get Acquainted, Shall We?

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

My name is Brenda Figueroa, and I’m on my last semester at Adams State University. I’m just a simple lady who maintains that life is a fragile bit of luck in a world based on chance, that Vodka should be a beverage a girl can marry, that we all secretly dress like hipsters, and that nobody’s grown a decent tomato since 1963.
What else? I’m a Mass Communication major and you can usually find me rummaging around campus with my camera. I have spent the best years of my life growing out my bangs, searching for a good bra, and finding ways of traveling around the world. I used to think the world wasn’t that complicated -just add water and live-but along came AIDS, world hunger and the cancellation of Twin Peaks and Firefly and I guess I just grew up.
I hope you enjoy my column and you’re ready and willing to get to know me. I intend to make you smile and I can promise you a good time but you might disagree with me, and I might upset you and that’s O.K.! Friends can’t agree on everything and I can assure you that you and I will become very good friends. My, how time flies when I’m doing all the talking. We’re already up to the part where I have to end with some simple, clever, straight from the heart, phrase—something that says we’re all in this together, something that leaves everybody feeling a little less crazy in a world where “something a little less crazy” isn’t always easy to come by…. if only I knew what that was.


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