College Checkered: Falling into a Relationship

Brneda Figueroa
The Paw Print

You both weren’t looking for one when you two met, your relationship with each other was just a friendship and you just sought refuge with one another to have at least a somewhat connection to somebody. Being single is freedom, but at the same time, you still want to know someone is thinking of you and you can vent with. But somewhere along that path of friendship you skipped passed the road of “where are we going with this?” and the avenue of “does she/he like me like that?” You somehow settled into an exclusive relationship with each other without even realizing it.
I’ve been there before. I’ve talked to somebody who I kept in between a friend and a boyfriend for a while. I was still dating, he was still dating, and about six months into it we started calling each other “babe” “baby” and every other cliché pet name, and I started becoming his plus one to everything. A year later, we were in a full-blown relationship without having to need the “talk” and we didn’t even need to change our Facebook status to let anybody know. They knew wherever I was, he was and vice versa. We were a thing. A thing that happened naturally.
I love those kind of rare relationships. The ones you just…fall into. Where you both are on the same level emotionally with what you want and things happen in a domino effect on their own without having to sit down and talk about them. That kind of relationship where you don’t need a relationship status, reassurance, or any proof that you are exclusive to someone because they make you aware of it in their own way. I didn’t have to tell him he was my boyfriend because I held his hand wherever we went. He didn’t have to tell me I was his girlfriend because he felt responsible for my feelings.
And when we broke up, it was over just like we were fading friends. That slow and steady road we took falling into a relationship was the same slow and steady road we took falling out of the relationship. It was faint, silent, and finally, gone. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet