Scholar of the Week: April 26

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print


Freshman Natasha Vidger sits in the Art Building, working late into the night to complete her latest project. This is how the dedicated Adams State student spends many of her nights.
Natasha is an Art Major, and the majority of her time must be used to complete her various assignments. The freshman, from Littleton, CO, has always had a passion for painting, and hopes to become a successful artist after she graduates.
Some of the classes she has taken include printmaking, Design 2D and 3D, and Drawing. She pushes herself hard to make sure she does the best she can, and she has a good time doing so.
“Art is just so much fun,” Natasha explains. “I really love creating something out of nothing and making it my own.”
Natasha is also involved with school activities. She attends many sporting events with her friends, she has been to every play at Adams State, and she has attended several activities.
“College is a lot more fun when you get involved,” Natasha explains. “Going to a play or game gives me something to look forward to, and it makes my day a little more exciting.”
Though she is only in her second semester of college, Natasha is already working hard to achieve her post-college goals. After college Natasha wants to become an illustrator for children’s books.
“It would just be so fun to bring the story to life,” Natasha explains. “That’s one of the best things about art.”
Natasha enjoys bringing her life into her own art, and using her experiences to help her create new pieces. Many of her pieces center around deer, which are her favorite animals.
“It helps make the art more personal when I can relate it to myself,” Natasha says.
When asked what one of her most impressive accomplishments has been, Natasha jokingly replied, “walking across the Rio Grande. That was a major accomplishment!”
On a more serious note, however, Natasha’s biggest accomplishments was getting one of her paintings accepted into the Continental League Art Show last year.
“That was the first time I had ever painted, and my work got accepted,” she said. “It just really made me proud of my work, and it stoked my creative fire.”
One of Natasha’s art instructors, Professor Claire van der Plas, had nothing but praise for the aspiring art student.
“Natasha enjoys bringing her life into her own art, and using her experiences to help her create new pieces,” Claire commended.
When asked why she thinks she is such a successful student, Natasha remained humble in her answer.
“I’ve picked to do something I love, which makes my classes so much more fun. It’s great to know that while I’m making a new print, or creating a new drawing, I’m constantly bettering myself towards my degree, and it’s motivating at times when things get stressful.”
Natasha has a few pieces of advice for those hoping to be successful in their own educational pursuits.
“Don’t give up, no matter what,” she encourages. “Keep your head up and work hard for what you want. Just remember that it will all be worth it in the end, and the problems you have now will be insignificant when you walk across that stage.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet