ASC’s Dirty Little Column with the Delicious Doctor Love

Dr. Chocolate Thunder is not real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.**

Dear DLC, I’m an attractive guy, or so I’ve been told. I’m athletic and I play on a sports team here at Adams. The problem is most girls write me off before they even get to know me. Why do women think all good-looking men are players?

CT: Well aren’t you? When women spy a good looking male specimen the thought: Damn, he’s hot is the most common reaction — and there’s the problem. The male in question might worship at the table of monogamy, but his good looks sound the alarm that a crowd of his groupies is loitering just around the corner. For a few women, that just means she’s intrigued to purse.
For others, it’s more like “Later Douche Bag.” They’re protecting themselves from the fear of hurt. Want to prove a skeptical girl wrong? Slow down your game. Woo her with at least three dates that end with wishes to take her out again, rather than groping her. Your patience will prove you’re not a player.

Dear DLC, My boyfriend loves when I’m bare down below. I don’t mind doing this for him but does this improve sex?

CT: Mostly, it’s just a visual turn-on for some men. A study proved that almost 22 percent of college-age women said that when they were bare it made the sexual experience better, or that it made them feel cleaner or sexy. But while getting rid of your pubic hair can make oral easier for you (no hair balls!), it may actually cause some discomfort for you: your skin is bare to your boyfriend’s stubble and the bumps of sex.

Dear DLC, So this girl let’s call her “Tammy” has a few classes with me. Were pretty good friends but mostly we only talk in class and she only texts me about homework assignments.
I’ve developed a small crush on her. She texts me and asked me what I’m up to this weekend, is she only interested in hanging out or does she want something more?

CT: She’s is probably sending you a text about your weekend plans for one of three reasons: (1) She’s hopeful you know about a good party; (2) She’s making small talk or (3) She’s interested and hoping you’ll ask her out. When your said home-girl asks you what’s up for the weekend, mention a specific event, like a party or sports game.
Then try to gauge her interest and commitment to the hangout. If she appears excited and makes actual plans with you, then you can toss out reason number 2. And if the date idea is enough that it seems kind of intimate, you can rule out 1. If she’s truly interested in you, it doesn’t matter where you go she’ll certainly want to be with you.


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