Artists Escape the Valley for Santé Fe

Toni Ortivez
The Paw Print

Last Wednesday students, mostly art majors, set off for a day in Santé Fe. Although the trip was sponsored by the student art league and was chaperoned by professors form the art department, it was open to anyone looking for an art experience.  The basis of the trip, other than getting out of the Valley for the day, was to experience art in the New Mexico city.

After setting off from the art building Wednesday morning, the journey to New Mexico began, and many of those riding the bus enjoyed the scenery of southern Colorado into northern New Mexico. It turned out to be a smooth and quiet journey down to Santé Fe, probably because many caught a few z’s before reaching the destination. After the arrival in Santé Fe, students and professors were briefed on the itinerary and the escapade began.

The day was filled with art galleries with displays of art ranging from that resembled early artifacts to contemporary art. The two main focuses of the trip were the Georgia O’Keefe gallery and the New Mexico Museum of Art. Once these two galleries were perused, the art students filed into the galleries that sparked their fancy. Santé Fe is filled with a plethora of places to visit and explore, which made the trip exciting but short-lived.

Visiting the galleries, art supply stores, and other venues around the bustling city was an exhilarating experience and a needed escape away from the busy life of being a student. The change in pace was refreshing and a great way to unwind. Being able to experience art through the process of making and critiquing it is always great, but to see successful artists in galleries allows each student to have a personal goal to aim for.

The trip turned out to be a way to, not only escape from the Valley for a day, but also a way for everyone to remind themselves why they create the art they do. It was a way for everyone to get back on track with the process as well as to push each other that extra step. The trip is a once-a-year event for the art department and can prove to be powerful enough to keep students’ attention for the last few weeks before summer break.

Overall, the trip was exciting and inspiring for many of the students that participated. With the end of the semester right around the corner, time away from school work is rare, but thanks to the journey to Santé Fe, participants were able to relax and enjoy the day.  Even though the trip came to an end, the students look forward to other events that will take place before the end of the semester and will work towards their goals with a refreshed vigor. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet