Are themilitary actions undertaken by Russia a major threat

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

The current Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, made an official statement regarding NATO’s position on Russia’s political and military intervention in Ukraine’s internal problems.
The statement was made before the start of the emergency meeting of the North Atlantic council and the Ukraine-NATO Committee on Sunday, March 2. The Secretary General announced the reasons for holding this emergency meeting-Russia’s military actions as well as the threats that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin made against the free and completely sovereign country of Ukraine.
Rasmussen stated that the way Russia acts towards Ukraine’s national problems is a direct breach of The United Nations Charter and he appealed for president Putin’s understanding of this fact and that NATO will be expecting the Russian government to put a lot of efforts in lowering the international, pressure and tension between Russia and Ukraine.
Some of the main topics of the speech were also dealing with all of the potential political, social, and economical reflections to the EU, that these military and aggressive actions by Russia would have. The European Union and NATO’s future political and military relationships with Russia were also discussed.
Ukraine is a really valuable NATO member, for which the organization has announced its official support. Rasmussen also stated that he expects all of the other political leaders to keep putting serious efforts in trying to avoid any further military and political complications of this situation.
The Ukraine government sent international scouts and agents to help for the protection of the nuclear arsenals in the country. The parliament member, Hryhoriy Nemyria, also announced that Ukraine’s parliament has set forward an official appeal to all of the countries part from the 1994 nuclear pact. This pact deals primarily with the national security of Ukraine as well as with those of USA, United Kingdom, and Russia.
Political issues are always a really complex problem to discuss and elaborate on, due to the large amount of information that has to be assimilated and interpreted in the right way.
However, this military and political tension in Europe has taken the central stage of the World news in the last week and we will be watching closely for any future development on this issue. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet