Zuckerberg Seeks New“Friends” and Business Partners

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

The creator of Facebook has a clear goal that he has already started working towards accomplishing

The 29 year old creator of the absolute sensation of the 21st century, Facebook, knows how important it is for him to create good friendships and establish new business relationships with the right people if he wants to fully accomplish the goals he had set for himself years ago in his dorm room in Harvard – to connect the whole world. The young entrepreneur has definitely achieved a lot in the last 10 years, ever since his company started and Facebook has not been used by a hundred US college students, but by 1.2 billion people worldwide.
However, Zuckerberg is just in the beginning of his long-term business plan. He is aware of the fact that out of the 7 billion people in the world right now, only 2.7 billion have access to the Internet. This is something that he is trying to change through the project he started last summer called Internet.org. The searching of new partners and associates in his new business adventure brought the 29-year-old businessman to Barcelona on Monday, February 25th. Barcelona is a world widely known center for some of the leading managers and top executives in the mobile technologies industry. Zuckerberg’s “Internet.org” project represents a coalition of different companies that are working together towards making cell phones and Internet services cheaper, better, and more accessible worldwide.
Casually dressed on a Monday night in Barcelona, Spain Mark Zuckerberg talked about how Facebook, in a cooperation with Nokia, have been offering students in Rwanda new technological methods for learning in order to improve the educational process and the system within the country.
He also talked about another cooperation activity between Facebook and Ericsson, which is mostly dealing with developing software and programming it in a way for it to endure and work in environments of unstable networks.  The two main reasons for these business endeavors undertaken by the owner of the multi-billion dollar corporation, Facebook, are charity and further business development. While the first of the two aspects is self-explanatory the future business development part is more difficult to understand.
Zuckerberg’s goal is to help develop and then win the majority of the developing countries’ population as Facebook fans and users.
The reason for that is that the Western markets are already almost filled or used to their full capacities whereas the developing countries are just starting, and whoever can get in there first will have the potential for the highest return on their investment in the years to come.

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