Environment and Society

The primary objective of this course is to look at the ways in which human societies – their values, behaviors, traditions, beliefs, institutions, and government – relate to and impact the physical environment.  Topics include; environmental movements, globalization, environmental management, and governmental and economic policies.

We will address questions in this course such as how serious are our environmental and social problems?  How are various entities from governments, corporations, the international community, and citizens addressing these issues?  What impact does globalization, development, and industrialization have on environmental problems?  How have economic and social policies contributed to or helped to alleviate environmental problems?  Because addressing almost all environmental concerns is inherently an economic issue, we will also be examining the structure of our economic system and how it impacts environmental problems.

Env and Society Syllabus Fall 20

Book Chapter Population

Book Chapter Food

Book Chapter Economy and Politics

Book Chapter Transnational Corporations

Book Chapter Globalization and World Trade



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